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Renewable Energy

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Renewable energy is important for exactly that reason, it’s renewable. Burning fossil fuels is not only terrible for the health of the planet and ourselves, it is finite. It is imperative to develop sustainable energy systems that are free from harmful pollutants. It is also imperative that new technology is not only efficient but that it changes the way we engage with the world around us. Using renewable energy is a clean, stable and cost-effective way to provide for our homes and businesses.

Lowering pollutant emissions, such as carbon dioxide, is essential if we want to abate global warming. Rising sea-levels, diminishing ecosystems and frequent natural disasters are the results of our efforts exploiting the world’s resources. It’s more important than ever before to take responsibility for the world’s future. Fossil-fuel is becoming an even dirtier term as we see the plights of struggling species. During combustion, toxic chemicals pollute our air and water, leading to public and planetary health problems. Whereas, solar thermal energy already exists. By harnessing what nature can support, we can generate heat without the harmful consequences we currently endure. Combustion will go bust.

An alternative is nuclear power, which relies on thermal energy released when splitting atoms – a  process called nuclear fission. Whilst nuclear power plants don’t pollute the atmosphere day-to-day, there is a threat of severe damage if an accident or natural disaster occurs, as seen with the Fukishima plant in Japan. After a series of disasters, it’s posited as the most volatile power plant. In 2011, an earthquake and tsunami created an explosion that released extremely dangerous radioactive materials into the environment. Not since Chernobyl has there been such a cataclysmic nuclear event in history. The safest way to create energy, is to harness it from renewable energy sources, radioactive materials, always have a risk of extreme damage.

Renewable energy from the sun, wind, tides, rain and geothemal heat are naturally occurring and naturally replenished. Once systems are installed, it’s a cost-effective and reliable way to harness energy. Politically speaking, renewable energy is more interesting for the economy and for individual independence. Rather than relying on unstable oil importation from foreign suppliers, money can be invested into local infrastructures and businesses. Dependance on non-renewable energy sources is a hot-topic for governments around the world. Government legislation reflects and supports the changing attitudes towards lowering carbon fumes and international associations and businesses are making it more achievable to utilise naturally replenishing forms of energy. In poorer countries, harnessing available energy could allow economies to develop. In richer countries, it can dramatically lower carbon emissions.

Renewable energy is more stable than non-renewable energy. The renewable energy grid is also more diverse. There’s no reliability on plants, mines, foreign diplomacy, trade and transportation. Once the system is in place, renewable energy is independent and cost-efficient. The costs associated with renewable energy rely upon maintenance, labor and product fees. As reliance on renewable energy increases, the prices will reduce systematically. Schemes and incentives endeavour to increase popularity and therefore decrease costs.

On a global scale, renewable energy is the answer to many of our political, environmental and health issues. Criticisms against the use of renewable energy however, range from the space they take up, the aesthetics of the equipment, the variable and intermittent nature of the energy supply and the non-renewable nature of the equipment needed to convert energy into its useful forms. As the renewable energy sector flourishes, these areas of concern are being improved and updated constantly. Renewable energy is a responsible, clean and cost-effective way of living in the modern world and our commitment to it can only improve the industry. The alternatives far outweigh the criticisms of this emerging sector, worldwide.


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