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Some of our most recent projects

Our Projects

Camel Solar supply solar thermal technologies for a wide number of applications.


Hotel building in Macedonia

  • Type of project: Commercial hot water
  • Size of Storage: 1000 litres
  • Panel Type: Evacuated CS15 tube

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Domestic Facade Installation

A small domestic swimming pool project in the South East of England.

  • 7 Facade Collectors
  • Size of pool: 5m x 3m x 1.5

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Leisure Center

Swimming pool complex in Macedonia

  • 190 Evacuated Tube Collectors
  • Heating a 1550 m3 pool
  • Working all year round

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 Apartment Complex

Apartment complex in Soravia

  • Supplying the entire domestic hot water system
  • 14,000 litres of hot water storage
  • 80 Evacuated Tube Collectors

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The Centre

Commercial office block

  • Domestic hot water system
  • Size of Storage: 250 litres
  • 3 Evacuated Tube Collectors

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In order to meet the world’s sustainability targets, solar thermal collectors need to be designed with architects, developers and contractors in mind, for easy and attractive implementation into, office buildings, public spaces, houses, and for industrial usage. Camel Solar have created a range of products that can be used for different energy and building requirements, to maximise the potential of renewable energy.

Professionals can calculate how best to obtain the results you need at an affordable price, so that more people can access solar energy than ever before.

New Technologies

The Camel Solar team is made up of experts in the renewable energy arena. Experts from around the world, who have developed innovative formulas, techniques and technologies, to bring you the best in solar thermal products. Using patented coatings, designs and machinery, customers can be assured that they are receiving the best products on offer.

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