Our Facade range is designed to be integrated in the external design of a building.

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The Façade Collector has seamless connections. The Collector is manufactured using the highest quality materials and the transfer of heat from the absorber to the copper pipes below is optimized using new welding techniques and latest research and development.

The facade module uses the latest absorber technology with one single absorber. This absorber has no welding lines allowing for 6-8%increae in its efficiency.

The complete full-plate absorber is welded to a copper register comprising of 10 copper pipes and is then placed in a new Aluminium frame. Behind the window module is high density rock wool and the decorative plate, for efficiency and style.

The glass is solar glass which is tempered, iron-free ant-reflective. The low-soiling coating on the glass is anti-dust and anti-corrosive. It keeps the glass clear with the same optical characteristics, which means that it can effectively help clean itself.

These solar thermal collectors are designed to be integrated and fully functional, using the solar radiation from the sun and transferring that heat energy to heat domestic, commercial and industrial application.

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