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  • Solar Myths

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    Clarifying fact from fiction, Edward Blake Thomas, Camel Solar Product Manager at AET, exposes some of the myths at large within the solar thermal sector today and proves why this technology is here to stay. Sunshine is free. It does not have to be purchased, mined, refined, imported or transported. Which is why, with the […] Read More →
  • Government Incentives

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      As unemployment soars, UK debt worsens, GDP falls and British economy dwindles even further, one industry going from strength to strength is the solar industry. Providing thousands of jobs, as well as energy to thousands of households and businesses, it is supported by government incentives, encouraging the UK to go green. Government subsidies, mean […] Read More →
  • Renewable Energy

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    Renewable energy is important for exactly that reason, it’s renewable. Burning fossil fuels is not only terrible for the health of the planet and ourselves, it is finite. It is imperative to develop sustainable energy systems that are free from harmful pollutants. It is also imperative that new technology is not only efficient but that […] Read More →