A short introduction to Camel Solar and the people who work here.

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Who We Are?

Our philosophy is very simple at Camel Solar.  The target of our solar thermal collectors is to have the highest coefficient of efficiency and maximize the energy produced by solar panels.

One of the key factors of producing a high coefficient of efficiency is the transformation of solar radiation to heat, allowing for the maximum amount of absorption whilst minimizing the amount of emission.

All raw materials used for producing the solar thermal collectors are of the highest quality and highest performance available. We have a dedicated R&D team researching the latest technologies in design and integration, for architectural aesthetics and tailor-made products.

We look forward to working with you and coming up with stylish, innovative solutions to meet your individual renewable energy demands. Please feel free to contact us using the links below.

Our Main People

Dr. Ilija Nasov

Chairman of the Board
+ 389 70 205 635
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Edward Blake Thomas

European Sales
+44 (0) 7917 735 275
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Glan Blake Thomas

Managing Director
+44 (0) 1342 310 400
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Aleksandar Tancev

+ 389 70 410 970
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Stojanche Filipov

General Manager
+ 389 75 394 213

Jordan Kabranov

Sales & Marketing Manager
+ 389 22 602 029

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