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Demonstrating some of the most efficient solar thermal technology in the world.


During the research and design process, Camel Solar explored the efficiency of existing solar panels. Analysing heat absorption, insulation and transmission, Camel Solar aims to create the most efficient solar panels currently available.

To maximize heat collection and minimize heat loss, Camel Solar’s innovative design includes seamless absorbers. Rather than lasering, or ultrasonically welding the absorbers together, the absorbers are fused using a unique design which maximizes efficiency, as well as improving the overall look of the panels.

Every feature of the solar thermal collector has been well thought-out, from the type of glass, to the different coatings, frames and enclosures and seals. Camel Solar’s innovative technologies have increased the efficiency of solar panels considerably and for that reason Camel Solar are considered leaders in today’s solar thermal collector marketplace.


Camel Solar Technology

Camel Solar’s new absorbers do not show welding lines, waves or deformation making them more efficient and aesthetically pleasing. The Absorbers are different from all other existing ultrasonically or laser welded absorbers in the market place today. These new absorbers are assembled in Camel Solar façade collectors, which use the highest quality Iron free tempered glasses with antireflection and low soiling coatings, compact enclosures and frames. With these components and the application of these leading edge technologies Camel Solar’s absorbers are the highest quality collectors available in the world today.

Why Choose Us?

– Extended Warranty
– Cutting edge technology
– Highly skilled workforce
– Competitive pricing
– Global presence


Applications – Commercial and Domestic

– Swimming Pools
– Leisure centres
– Hotels and spa facilities
– Offices
– Schools
– Factories and Retail
– Residential Developments
– Breweries
– Dairies
– Solar cooling

Professionals can calculate how best to obtain the results you need at an affordable price, so that more people can access solar energy than ever before.