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  • Why Solar Energy

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    Not since Galileo was proved wrong, has the sun been thrust into the centre of such crucial universal debates. With the amount of heat and light energy emitted naturally, it’s the blinding answer we should turn to, to lead the way.   It is essential that we learn to harness solar energy effectively in order […] Read More →
  • Feel the warmth with solar thermal innovation

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    FEEL THE WARMTH WITH SOLAR THERMAL INNOVATION Glan Blake-Thomas, Managing Director at AET, the supplier of the Camel SolarR thermal collectors to the UK market, explains how new, aesthetically attractive and energy efficient designs open up fresh installation opportunities for building services contractors, consultants and architects.   Sunshine is free. It does not have to be […] Read More →
  • Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme

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    Camel Solar products now appear on the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme. It’s possible to find them under the ECA energy scheme which is managed by the carbon trust on behalf of the department of energy and climate change. Now these products are recognised by this organisation it means that they qualify for an Enhanced Capital […] Read More →