Vladko Ristov

General Manager

Vladko Ristov graduated in mechanical engineering, from the top Macedonian university, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje. During his studies and professional career, Ristov has travelled the world brushing up his expertise, attending seminars, training courses and exhibitions. Journeying to China, Russia, Austria, Germany and many other destinations, Ristov has become a global specialist on thermo dynamics.

Ristov began his career, designing solar technology systems, in combination with geothermal and air source heat pumps, at Naturkraft MM. Following this, he became the director of solar tubes; producing solar collectors and designing solar system technologies using the T*Sol expert application. Ristov’s work led him to the Centre of Plasma Technologies, PLASMA Ltd, where he further developed thermo technology.

Ristov is highly regarded in the renewable energy industry. His academic background, work experience and international knowledge are held in high esteem. The Energy Agency of Macedonia selected Ristov to be part of the FP7 project on polymer solar thermal collectors, supported by the European Commission. Ristov has been a team member of the project for the “Development of the Macedonian National Report” for solar thermal collectors.

Ristov has co-written the book “Integrating Solar Thermal Systems in Roof and Facades”, supported and financed by the Austrian Development co-operation and the Solar Association of Macedonia.

As the general manager of Camel Solar, Ristov continues to implement his specialised knowledge in renewable energy engineering.

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